Simon Geschke breaks elbow in Vuelta a Murcia
Feb 16 2019 03:32 am CET

Simon Geschke breaks elbow in Vuelta a Murcia
Simon Geschke breaks elbow in Vuelta a Murcia
Photo of Simon Geschke (c)Chris Auld Photography

CCC Team's Simon Geschke has broken his elbow at the closing kilometres of the first stage of the Vuelta a Murcia.

The first race of the German rider with his new team was not as successful as expected as he crashed in the last kilometres of the first stage of the Vuelta Ciclista a la Region de Murcia. The accident left him with a broken right elbow.

"Simon crashed not far from the finish of today's stage in Spain and he was able to get back on his bike and cross the line," explained CCC Team Doctor Dario Spinelli. "However, he was experiencing a lot of pain in his right arm so, he was immediately taken to hospital for observation.

"X-Rays revealed that he has sustained a broken right elbow. He will require surgery at home in Germany but providing everything goes to plan, Simon should be able to resume training around one week later. We will continue to monitor Simon's recovery to determine when he will be able to race again."

Geschke is disappointed about having this experience in his first race with the team. "I crashed on a roundabout inside the last ten kilometres of the stage," the rider commented. "The rider in front of me went down first and the pace was pretty fast so I just couldn't get around him.

"I tried but, I hit his bike and then went down. Immediately, I felt like there was something not quite right with my elbow and the X-Ray just confirmed that for me. Of course, I'm very disappointed. I felt like I was in good shape and that I was on track for the spring. I definitely could have imagined a nicer start to my first race with CCC Team."



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