Adam Yates gets ready to lead Mitchelton-Scott at Tour de France
Mar 06 2019 04:05 am CET

Adam Yates gets ready to lead Mitchelton-Scott at Tour de France
Adam Yates gets ready to lead Mitchelton-Scott at Tour de France

Adam Yates (Mitchelton-Scott) is set to return to the Tour de France to fight for the overall victory. The best young rider of the race in 2016 is determined to improve from his 2018 performance.

Yates finished in the fourth GC position of the 2016 edition of the race and also topped the Youth Classification. When he made his return to the French grand tour in 2018, things didn't go in his favour and finished in the 29th position, something that he is determined to change.

"I'm super excited to go back to the Tour this year," said Yates. "Last year we made some mistakes that cost us and it was a big disappointment, so it'll be good to go back and rectify that. Even though I've got earlier races/targets coming up, in the back of my mind everything I'm doing is build up for the Tour."

The rider's current season is aimed to put him in shape in time for the Tour de France. "Already this year the team has been really committed in all aspects and it just goes to show because the results are flowing," the rider explained. "Even though the Tour is a long way away at this moment in time and there's a lot of races before we get there, it's a good feeling to see the team working so well so early in the season.

"Obviously 2016 was a highlight for me personally, riding almost two weeks in the white jersey and eventually finishing fourth on general classification was an amazing experience and confirmed to myself that I can ride at the highest level for three weeks."

The team will make sure to build a supporting team around the rider for him to finish the race in a podium position. "Adam will have a great team supporting him and I really believe he is going to show what he is capable of," said Sports Director Matt White.

"He is one of the best climbers in the world and helping him to put it all together for three weeks on the biggest stage is an exciting challenge."



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