Biehler Pro Cycling unveils roster for Nokere Koerse
Mar 20 2019 06:05 am CET

Biehler Pro Cycling unveils roster for Nokere Koerse
Biehler Pro Cycling unveils roster for Nokere Koerse
Biehler Pro Cycling

Biehler Pro Cycling has chosen its roster to face the first edition of the Nokere Koerse. The Belgian race will include cobblestones and some mild climbs.

The first ever Danilith Nokere Koerse will be 121 kilometres long and will feature several cobblestone sectors and seven climbs of the Nokereberg. "We are always happy with organisers allowing us to show who we are and what we are made of," said Sports Director Stefan van Klink, who will be accompanying the riders from the team car.

"The Ronde van Drenthe was a great race where we have learned a lot, and tomorrow we are planning to do exactly the same. We are eager to make it an attractive first-ever Nokere Koerse."

The race has the potential of being interesting. "The course certainly ain’t flat, but there are also no big hills," Van Klink commented. "I’m sure it will be a hard race, where position will be key.

"The start list shows excellent riders are coming to Nokere Koerse, but we are also planning to really be part of the race’s story. I see great progression within the team and it’s only a matter of time before that can be noticed on the results sheets."

Biehler Pro Cycling's roster for Nokere Koerse (20th of March):

Nienke Wasmus
Merel Hofman
Melanie Klement
Natalie van Gogh
Quinty Ton
Henrietta Colborne



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