Samuel Sanchez: My career and image have come out intact
May 14 2019 05:56 am CET

Samuel Sanchez: My career and image have come out intact
Samuel Sanchez: My career and image have come out intact
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The Union Cycliste Internationale has confirmed that Samuel Sanchez has received a sanction of two years for an anti-doping rule violation but states that the positive result could have been due to contamination.

The former rider of BMC Racing Team has been provisionally suspended since the 17th of August of 2017 and he has received a ban for two years that applies retroactively, which means that his sanction finishes on the 16th of August of 2019. The rider received the punishment due to an anti-doping rule violation for the use of the prohibited substance GHRP-2 and its metabolite GHRP-2 M2, or growth hormone.

The rider's contract was terminated by BMC after the B sample confirmed the positive result. "After careful review of the explanations and evidence submitted by Mr Sanchez, the UCI has accepted the likelihood that the origin of the ADRV was a contaminated supplement Mr Sanchez was using," said the UCI in a statement.

"I want to express my agreement and satisfaction with the case resolution and its conclusions because my career and image have come out intact," said Sanchez in a press release. "It has been one year and nine months of silence, where the communication and cooperation of my law team with the UCI to find an answer to the situation was a key to resolve something that didn't have any sense or logic from the beginning.

"I also want to express my trust in the anti-doping controls that athletes undertake, because I've done hundreds of them in my 17 years as a professional cyclist, but I also want to uncover the external risks that we are exposed to, as happened to me. I'd like to thank my team of lawyers for its work, dedication and determination throughout the entire process. And I also want to thank the trust and love shown by my family, sponsors, media and institutions that never doubted me or my innocence."




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