Marianne Vos recovers on time for European Games
Jun 19 2019 09:06 pm CET

Marianne Vos recovers on time for European Games
Marianne Vos recovers on time for European Games
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Four riders of CCC-Liv had to withdraw from the OVO Energy Women's Tour due to injuries caused at crashes, but all of them are on a good way to recovery. Marianne Vos, Jeanne Korevaar, Valerie Demey and Ashleigh Moolman Pasio are working their way back from their injuries.

Vos had to retire from the race after crashing while she was wearing the leader's jersey. "I felt good and actually had no problems, I only had a cut in my face which required stitches," said the Dutch former World Champion.

"After returning to the Netherlands, I quickly got back on the bike, doing my training blocks as foreseen. I am in good shape for the European Games and I don’t have any constraints. The swelling has decreased, the doctors have given the green light, but there are still stitches in my nose, lips and jaw. I am excited and confident to start in Minsk with a strong Dutch selection."

Korevaar's recovery is also on a good path. "My recovery is going well, the wounds on the elbow are almost healed," she explained. "But I still need some time to fully recover. My body obviously received a major blow during the fall. I can execute my training quite well. The national championships on the road in Ede next week are normally not compromised."

Demey was forced out of the Woment's Tour with bruised ribs. "It gets a little better every day," the rider commented. "I'm cycling again. Unfortunately, I am not yet able to perform high-intensity training. The doctor has indicated that I could still suffer from the bruised ribs for a few weeks.

"Hopefully the recovery will be a little faster for a top athlete. I may miss the Belgian time trial championship because I cannot train well in the time trial position. I now prefer to focus on the road championship as I have a better chance for a good result in that discipline."

Moolman Pasio is recovering well but there is still work to be done. "My foot has since fully recovered," the South African champion affirmed. "My back is progressing, but I still have some pain in the back and still some bruising and a little bit of swelling.

"I am already back on the bike and just doing some easy endurance rides. Unfortunately I am not yet pain free. I take it day by day and am being treated by my physical therapist. I feel that I am making progress every day, so hoping to be pain free very soon."

Sabrina Stultiens crashed during training in September of 2018 and has been suffering from persistent concussion. "I take it easy and remain cautious, but the recovery is still going in the right direction," she commented. "I stick to the plan, although as a top athlete you always hope that it goes faster. I am now on the racing bike again and I ride an average of three times a week.

"Sometimes it is only cycling, sometimes it is a bit like training. The most important thing is that I now develop rhythm again and find a good balance between effort and relaxation. I have cognitive therapy once a week, but we are now carefully reducing it because it is going quite well. I am not yet thinking of a comeback."



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