Colombian Cycling Federation doesn't give the green light to Hammer Series Colombia
Jul 10 2019 07:18 pm CET

Colombian Cycling Federation doesn't give the green light to Hammer Series Colombia
Colombian Cycling Federation doesn't give the green light to Hammer Series Colombia
Hammer Series

The Hammer Series Colombia would not be held in 2020 like it was announced. The Administrative Department of Sport and the Colombian Federation didn't reach an agreement with the race organisation.

Some weeks ago it was announced that the Hammer Series would be expanding to Colombia for 2020 and would include also women events, but none of this is happening. The race organisation didn't deliver the proposal on time and didn't discuss it beforehand with the Colombian government or the Cycling Federation.

The Administrative Department of Sports of the Colombian government (Coldeportes) set up a meeting with the Colombian Federation -the only entity that can approve cycling competitions in the country- to discuss the event. "The main focus of the meeting was the viability to organise this event in 2020, which will not be possible considering that the request from the franchise was done out of the time limit," said the Colombian Federation in a press note.

The department also commented that 'The Cycling Company' -which organises the Hammer Series- has its first reunion with the Colombian Federation after the First of July, the deadline for the inscription of all the events for 2020. "The request was sent to the Federation 17 days ago, without any administrative or logistic backings, which adds to the problem of the dates proposed for the Hammer Colombia, between the 7th and the 9th of February of 2020.

"This date would directly conflict with the Colombian National championships and the team presentation of the Tour Colombia 2020, a race that was inscribed in advance before the UCI and that will take place in Boyaca between the 11th and the 16th of February," the statement of Coldeportes explained.

The Federation also clarified that the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) states that the National Federations are in charge of the registry of all the events that would want to take place in their territories and that are part of the international calendar of the UCI. "The deadline for the registration of events in the UCI calendar is the first of July of the year before it is supposed to take place," the Colombian Federation quoted the UCI regulations.



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