Tour de France - Daryl Impey: To win on Bastille Day is fantastic
Jul 15 2019 12:17 am CET

Tour de France - Daryl Impey: To win on Bastille Day is fantastic
Tour de France - Daryl Impey: To win on Bastille Day is fantastic

Daryl Impey has taken his first victory in a grand tour in the Tour de France. The South African was the fastest of the breakaway and celebrated at the end of the ninth stage of the race.

Although he had already had a special moment in 2013 when he became the first African to wear the Yellow Jersey at La Grande Boucle, the rider had this victory pending. The South African champion arrived to the last kilometre with Tiesj Benoot and he was the fastest at the final sprint.

"For me, this was something that was really missing, I've been in quite a few breakaways and to finally nail it, it's a dream come true," said Impey at the finish line. "I really don't have any words.

"I've had this stage kind of marked for a breakaway and yesterday as well but unfortunately the breakaway went away straight away. Today it was pretty active and I just kind of find the lucky move, I didn't have to do too much to be there and we all just really worked well together. And I just believed in myself and was quite smart I think. I knew I had to get to Tiesj (Benoot) in that last climb and I'm glad that the legs were there."

The rider celebrated with his teammates and the staff at the finish line of the ninth day of competition in France, on a special date as is the National Day. "I haven't been that emotional at the finish line for a long time," he explained. "It's fantastic to win at this level, at the Tour de France.

"To win on Bastille Day is fantastic, that's a magic memory. This is a dream come true, this is something I really wanted to do and it is so difficult at this level. I can't be prouder and I know South Africa is cheering on. Thanks to my family as well, for always supporting me through this."



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