Vuelta a España - Miguel Angel Lopez: Movistar always behave like idiots
Sep 14 2019 12:16 am CET

Vuelta a España - Miguel Angel Lopez: Movistar always behave like idiots
Vuelta a España - Miguel Angel Lopez: Movistar always behave like idiots
Photo of Miguel Angel Lopez by Jonathan Roorda /

Miguel Ángel López (Astana) finished the 19th stage with the peloton despite being part of the crash that caused controversy in the peloton. The Colombian was very critical with Movistar after the finish line.

López was among the riders that hit the ground with 60 kilometres to go and his team Astana led the chase to catch a peloton that was pulled by Movistar. This move of the Spanish team has been criticized and the Colombian also wanted to express his thoughts at the end of the stage.

"Well, I'm a little beaten but it wasn't much, some scratches and that's it," said the rider to Spanish broadcaster RTVE. "I think it was very bad of them, a complete lack of respect with the Red Jersey and the rest of us. Around 20 riders or more were on the ground and they always take advantage of this kind of moments. This isn't the first time, we have already seen in other moments and in other races that they always behave like idiots, it is always the same people that do this kind of things. That is their way of being and we all know that they are like this. That is just the way they always react.

"I don't know until now what happened (about the commissaries) but my team led a very brave chase and there were a thousand groups. I think it was a good call because in those moments you should keep calm and the strength with the entire peloton and particularly with the GC leader, the wearer of the White jersey and other leaders that were left behind, it was a good decision."

López looks forward to the last day in the mountains and will use the feelings he is having as motivation to perform. "We will see about tomorrow because it is the last day of opportunities and we have to take advantage of it," he explained. "I will definitely use this anger that I'm feeling due to these stupid acts of the team of the World Champion. And what a World Champion we have!"




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