Jumbo-Visma and Wout Van Aert hold ASO liable for Tour de France crash
Sep 23 2019 09:22 pm CET

Jumbo-Visma and Wout Van Aert hold ASO liable for Tour de France crash
Jumbo-Visma and Wout Van Aert hold ASO liable for Tour de France crash
Wout van Aert by Jumbo-Visma

Jumbo-Visma and Wout Van Aert are considering to claim damages to the ASO, organiser of the Tour de France, for the crash that has left the rider out of competition since the French race.

Van Aert crashed during the individual time trial in Pau at the 2019 Tour de France. The team and the rider agree that the fences at the spot were dangerous and they caused the injuries that have sidelined the rider ever since.

Jumbo-Visma has formally held the ASO liable and it is considering to claim damages. "I fully support that," said Van Aert in a press conference. "Luckily I don't have to worry about it myself. It is not only about financial consequences, but also about me being out of competition for a long time. Many crashes are accidents, but this one could have been avoided.

"I may have taken the corner too short, but it is clear that the severity of the injury has to do with the way the fences were set up. That was wrong. The damage that I have suffered is not minor but my biggest concern is that in the future it may happen again."

The Vuelta a España also had a time trial in Pau and Mathieu Heijboer, Head of Performance of Jumbo-Visma, noted that the fenced were set up exactly the same as they did in the Tour de France. "That is surprising," said Van Aert. "It is the same organisation so you would expect that they were keeping an eye on that if only to prevent a storm on social media. But apparently not.

"I hope for me and my colleagues that it will change in the future. You are not supposed to ride against the fences, but you wouldn't put barbed wire around a football field."

Van Aert is on road to recovery from a deep flesh wound and a torn tendon that required two surgeries.



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