Rory Sutherland follows Dan Martin and joins Israel Cycling Academy
Oct 22 2019 02:10 am CET

Rory Sutherland follows Dan Martin and joins Israel Cycling Academy
Rory Sutherland follows Dan Martin and joins Israel Cycling Academy
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Rory Sutherland has signed a contract with Israel Cycling Academy for the 2020 season in which he will bring his experience for the first year of the formation in the WorldTour.

The year 2020 will be important for the Israeli team and it is preparing for it by bringing reinforcements to compete at the highest level. Sutherland is the newest addition to the roster and he will bring his experience of around twenty years in the professional peloton.

"I was in the process of deciding what I wanted to do in my cycling career," the Australian explained. "I wanted to find a team situation that was the right fit and I was unsure if that was even possible. When Kjell (Carlstrom, team manager) spoke with me about the ICA project, it really kept the fire burning and I knew it was the team for me.

"I love riding my bike. I honestly get a huge satisfaction in assisting with the development of riders and helping to create a positive team environment where everyone works well together."

Sutherland has spent his last two years at UAE-Team Emirates, where he was with Dan Martin, and they will ride once more together at Israel Cycling Academy. "I see something special in the Israel Cycling Academy project," he added.

"There exists a desire for excellence among the group of riders, staff and owners. Everyone involved in the project is motivated and excited to perform. My job will not be limited to racing and I will have the opportunity to help the team excel in every way."

Carlstrom welcomes this news. "We were looking for a rider that can be a road Captain in certain races and in others - especially the biggest ones - assist our GC guys in the most critical moments: be it on the mountains but also on the flat with positioning and keeping them out of trouble," he affirmed.

"Beyond that, we needed someone with vast experience and leadership skills that can help and give advice to young guys in the team. For me, there was one rider that could offer us the full package and it was Rory Sutherland."



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