Canyon-SRAM signs Rolf Aldag as sports director for 2020
Dec 10 2019 02:27 am CET

Canyon-SRAM signs Rolf Aldag as sports director for 2020
Canyon-SRAM signs Rolf Aldag as sports director for 2020
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Canyon-SRAM has announced the signing of Rolf Aldag as Sports Director from 2020.

Aldag is a former cyclist that started his management career at T-Mobile before working with Quick-Step and the team later known as Dimension Data -currently NTT Pro Cycling. This is the first time that the Sports Director will work with a women's professional team.

"First of all, I would describe myself as a rookie in what I am going to do," he explained. "I don't think it would be wise to believe I should come on board and try to copy and paste things that worked in the men's sport. So I will talk to all of the experienced team members from Canyon-SRAM and aim to get the best information out there.

"I wouldn't say that I am nervous about joining a new team, but rather I have a feeling of excitement to enter a new chapter in my working career. Especially, because it will be filled with some tasks that I haven't done before. Knowing that I enter already existing, good practising structures at Canyon-SRAM provides me with the needed confidence.

"It is clear that the team is run in a very professional way. At races, I never noticed that anything was missing or going wrong. The team stands for consistence performance due to well-prepared riders, good teamwork, focus on details, but mainly because Ronny was always able to bring good people on board. That goes for riders, staff, management and for sure for all of the technical partners. I am looking forward to becoming part of this group and hope that my work will help the team reach its goals to be as successful as possible."

Ronny Lauke, Team Manager of Canyon-SRAM, is delighted to work with Aldag again after they already did it at HTC Highroad team from 2008. "I am very pleased that Rolf is joining our team," he commented. "I believe it's the best option we could ask for where the sport is becoming more complex in its structure. The sport is evolving fast and the level of professionalism is growing. We have run the team so far with a small management structure with everyone involved fulfilling multiple roles. With, hopefully, news of the Women's World Tour status of our team, the demands on a team’s structure are much higher and we need to focus even more in the various areas of a team such as sport, health, marketing and administration.

"Rolf has been one of the architects of some of the most successful teams in the past ten years, proving that he is able to help talented riders reach the very top of the sport. Although Rolf is new in the female side of the sport, I am confident he will be important to us to assure further progress and stability. At the end it's the same on the male or female side of the sport; groups of human beings who want to win bike races."




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