Esteban Chaves to start 2020 at national championships and Tour Colombia
Jan 11 2020 04:11 am CET

Esteban Chaves to start 2020 at national championships and Tour Colombia
Esteban Chaves to start 2020 at national championships and Tour Colombia
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Esteban Chaves (Mitchelton-Scott) will start his 2020 season at his home country at the Colombian national championships and the Tour Colombia 2.1.

Just after finishing a 2019 uninterrupted season in which he managed to bounce back after struggling with multiple viruses like the Epstein-Barr, sinus and allergy reactions, the rider wants to return to his top condition in 2020. Last season, he managed to take a win at the Giro d'Italia, and he can't wait to face the challenges of the new season.

"I'm really excited to start the new season," Chaves said. "Normally when you finish the season you want to switch off before starting to build again and after a little break, you're ready to start the new season. "The feeling during training has been good and I want to start this year with some really good results and a good taste in the mouth, especially as last year was without interruptions.

"Also, I'm really excited to start in Colombia. It will be the first time I have represented the team in my country, I've never raced as professional here in Colombia, so to start the season in Colombia will be awesome."

The rider will start at the Colombian championships that will be held on January 30 and February 2. "It will be my first national championships as a professional rider, so that will be really nice, and I want to race with the team's colours," Chaves commented.

"The circuit is a really, really tough one, it's more than 200 kilometres, it's pretty hilly and at altitude. Maybe I have a chance to go for the jersey, but there are a lot of strong riders here, with strong teams, while I will be on my own. So it's a bit of a lottery, but I will be ready and you never know."

Then, he will be for the first time at the Tour Colombia 2.1. "It's also my first time at the Tour of Colombia, and I'm pretty excited because this year the race will finish in my hometown and on my home training roads," he affirmed. "I know all of the last two stages like the back of my hand, so it's pretty exciting.

"My family and friends will be there, plus racing in the national team colours is a special feeling. I can't wait, it will be a really good experience and Colombian cycling is getting bigger every year and to be part of this generation of riders is amazing."




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