Patrick Bevin misses Tour Down Under due to cardiac arrhythmia
Jan 15 2020 07:29 am CET

Patrick Bevin misses Tour Down Under due to cardiac arrhythmia
Patrick Bevin misses Tour Down Under due to cardiac arrhythmia
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CCC Team has announced that Patrick Bevin has suffered from cardiac arrhythmia, and he has been excluded from the Santos Tour Under's roster.

The rider was set to return to the race to try to improve from his 2019 performance, which he almost won until a crash took him out of the fight for victory. But during training for the event the rider experienced an irregular heartbeat that was later confirmed as supra ventricular arrhythmia.

"Patrick Bevin was admitted to the Calvary Wakefield Hospital in Adelaide after noticing some irregularities in his heartbeat during training," said CCC Team Chief Medical Officer, Max Testa. "Patrick does not have a history of heart problems however, an electrocardiogram detected an episode of supra ventricular arrhythmia. Fortunately, this is a non-life threatening condition and is quite common, but it did require immediate treatment to regulate the heart rhythm.

"Thankfully, Patrick experienced this episode whilst with the team and we were able to treat the arrhythmia immediately. We will continue to monitor his recovery and run further tests as a precaution however, as we are less than a week out from the race, Patrick will not be in a position to line up at the Santos Tour Down Under. Patrick will return to New Zealand, where we are confident he will make a full recovery and will be able to resume his racing program shortly."

Bevin is dissapointed on this situation, because the Tour Down Under was his first goal of the season. "It’s disappointing to miss the race after preparing all off season for it and especially after coming so close to the win last year," he explained. "I was looking forward to returning and trying to repeat my success however it’s definitely a case of being safe than sorry and the timing has made it impossible to race here in Adelaide.

"I feel completely fine now and it’s now just a matter of rest and recovery to ensure it doesn’t happen again. With the solid block of off season training in my legs, I’m confident I can still have a strong start to the season one month later than planned."

Guillaume Van Keirsbulck is travelling to Adelaide to replace Bevin in the roster.

CCC Team's line-up for the Santos Tour Down Under (January 21-16):

Josef Cerny
Simon Geschke
Joey Rosskopf
Szymon Sajnok
Guillaume Van Keirsbulck
Francisco Ventoso
Lukasz Wisniowski



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