Boels-Dolmans secures title sponsor for 2021 with SD Worx
Feb 13 2020 03:14 am CET

Boels-Dolmans secures title sponsor for 2021 with SD Worx
Boels-Dolmans secures title sponsor for 2021 with SD Worx
Boels Dolmans Cycling Team

Boels-Dolmans has found a new sponsor for the team: HR services provider SD Worx.

The future of the team was uncertain for the 2021 season after both sponsors -car rental company Boels and Dolmans landscaping- announced that they would stop working with the project at the end of 2020. The formation of former world champions Chantal Blaak and Anna van der Breggen found a title sponsor for the 2021-2024 period, which will also co-sponsor the team in 2020.

"We are delighted and proud to be the main sponsor of the best women's cycling team in the world," said Kobe Verdonck, CEO of the specialist in payroll and HR, SD Worx. "This cooperation is a well-considered choice, as women's cycling is gaining an increasing amount of attention. What's more, cycling is an extremely accessible, sustainable sport which is appreciated by a wide international audience and has strong ties to communities. The team is made up of top sportswomen of different nationalities. The level is extremely high, with some of the members preparing to defend their Olympic titles in Tokyo this year.

"The team reflects the values of SD Worx, too: diversity is high on our agenda and, like us, this international cycling team loves to win and will do everything they can to stay in the lead. Teamwork and strong individual performances are essential. We firmly believe this sponsorship will strengthen our brand awareness among our two target groups – employers and employees both nationally and internationally."

Boels-Dolmans' General Team Manager Erwin Janssen is pleased with the news of the title sponsor. "The fact that we managed to secure such a fantastic main sponsor for no less than four years within just a few months proves that we have done a great job in recent years," he explained.

"We believe it's important to maintain an independent women's team at the highest level. We are one of the few top teams not linked to a male world tour group, which means we can focus entirely on the women's team. This focus gives us an advantage over other teams. And the investment of a successful company like SD Worx proves that the popularity of women's cycling has increased enormously in recent years."