Tough situation for Coronavirus quarantined teams: 'We are treated like plague victims'
Mar 03 2020 09:42 pm CET

Tough situation for Coronavirus quarantined teams: 'We are treated like plague victims'
Tough situation for Coronavirus quarantined teams: 'We are treated like plague victims'
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Cofidis, Groupama-FDJ, UAE Team Emirates and Gazprom remain quarantined in their hotels in observation after suspicions of the Coronavirus at the UAE Tour.

Cofidis' president Thierry Vittu feels they are been held against their will at the hotel and has expressed his feelings through a press note. "In fact, I think that this situation is really not normal," he expressed. "We're being held against our will in a place we didn't choose and for an unknown length of time.

"It's this last point which is the most complicated to live with, we always hope that things will get better soon and nothing happens... It is true that the means of communication (internet, social networks, telephone, PC...) help us to live this situation better, they allow at least to distract ourselves and to reassure our relatives (and incidentally to work).... It would be nice if the media would take over our situation, just to add pressure where necessary.

"But hey, morale remains high, this story will end well one day! The doorbell just rang at my door, it must be the breakfast left at the foot of the door, that's how they bring us our meals. When we meet someone from the hotel in the corridor, he runs away... that brings me another comparison, we are treated like plague victims; our rooms have not been made since we arrived 5 days ago, we have to go in front of the elevator, there is a cart and we help ourselves with sheets, soaps, towels..... That's the situation, some live it well, for others it's more complicated."

Groupama-FDJ's David Gaudu told French newspaper L'Equipe that things became stricter all of a sudden. "On Friday we were allowed to roam freely in the hotel here," he said. "To the gym or the swimming pool, and we were allowed to have contact with other hotel guests. Then we received the results of our tests, all of which were negative. But on Sunday morning security increased and since then we were no longer allowed to leave our rooms. We still don't know why.

"It's a crazy situation. We have everything we need: shampoo, shower gel, towels, garbage bags, etc. The food is put in plastic bags in front of our door. It's funny because when you open the door to get your food, you see the hotel staff walking away the corridor."

The UAE Tour was cancelled after the fifth stage due to Coronavirus suspicions after two staff members of an unnamed team showed symptoms. Riders, staff, journalists and race personnel were quarantined right after and most of them have already been cleared to go out of the country.



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