Tadej Pogacar talks about his time in quarantine: Life just needs to be adapted to the current situation
Mar 11 2020 12:03 am CET

Tadej Pogacar talks about his time in quarantine: Life just needs to be adapted to the current situation
Tadej Pogacar talks about his time in quarantine: Life just needs to be adapted to the current situation
Photo of Tadej Pogacar by UAE-Team Emirates

UAE Team Emirates' Tadej Pogacar is still in quarantine in Abu Dhabi with his teammates and staff, which has given him time to write some words about it.

The Slovenian young talent won the fifth stage of the UAE Tour by beating Alexey Lutsenko in the final centimetres of the Jabel Hefeet climb. Some hours later, it was announced that the race was being cancelled -after two members of the caravan tested positive for the Covid-19.

All teams -including riders and staff- were quarantined due to the coronavirus risk and days after most of the teams have returned home, but this is not the case for UAE Team Emirates and Pogacar. "Today, 9th March 2020 is the 11th day that I remain locked in 'my' hotel room," wrote the Slovenian in his personal website

"It’s not really mine alone, as I share it with teammate Erik Bystrom. Who would have thought that things would get so complicated? Nobody."

Pogacar describes all the race situations and then talks more about the time he has been spending in his hotel in Abu Dhabi. "Today is the eleventh day I am 'locked' in a hotel room," the rider continued. "We are at the first floor of the 'Yas marina' hotel and fortunately this is a hotel of a higher category, so the rooms are a bit more spacious. The room has a quite large balcony too, so this makes the life a little easier at least from this aspect. The window provides a nice view of the marina where one can admire the yachts, some of them are a feast for the eyes.

"Just under the balcony is the 'Yas marina circuit' Formula 1 track where one can watch races of different racing machines most of the day. Life just needs to be adapted to the current situation, and the sooner one accepts it, the easier one functions and lives in this confined space. The hotel is looking after us well, the food is excellent, they only bring it in plastic, ring and leave it in front of the door; we return the empty packaging to the cart or tray in the corridor, and they pick it up. We got training machines at our room, so we try to train at least a little. Of course, there is a TV, internet, Netflix and Playstation, so we can at least do something and pass the time. I talk a lot with my girlfriend Urška and my family and count the days until my departure. I only hope that things will go as planned and I will be able to go home at the end of next week."

Pogacar, just like most of the world of cycling, hopes that things get better with the coronavirus and that competition can return to normality soon. "It is hard to say what will happen to the racing – as you can see, matters change from one day to another or from one hour to the other – at the moment to the worse, as races are cancelled, and teams like ours are also giving up competitions for some time," he affirmed. "I just hope things will stabilise as soon as possible and slowly return to normal.

"Ah, and about the race … It concluded with the fifth stage and my victory! Overall, I was second, which is excellent, I am more than happy."



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