Esteban Chaves gets ready to return to outside training but remains cautious about season
May 22 2020 06:07 am CET

Esteban Chaves gets ready to return to outside training but remains cautious about season
Esteban Chaves gets ready to return to outside training but remains cautious about season
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Mitchelton-Scott's Esteban Chaves is about to hit the roads again in training, but he still doesn't have a clear objective for the rest of the season.

The Colombian rider started his season in Colombia at the National championships and the Tour Colombia and hasn't left the country since then because the Covid-19 pandemic stopped the cycling calendar, and he decided to remain with his family in his homeland.

Chaves has been entertaining himself with virtual cycling platforms to maintain his form when it was impossible to train on the roads of his city, but the lockdown and the pandemic has had an emotional impact on him. "It's a very interesting way of training, it keeps you entertained and surely we will continue training with it, it will become an absolutely necessary tool for training," he said to Colombian radio station La W.

"The part that I have found to be the most difficult is to live without having a clear objective. I've spent half of my life having one objective, so I wake up with that goal in mind and that all of a sudden everything changes it is very difficult."

The Colombian government has given a special permission for professional riders to train outside and the rider of Mitchelton-Scott is gathering all the necessary documentation to be out as soon as possible.

"We all have to meet certain requirements which I'm doing at the moment like the negative results of the Covid-19 test, a medical certification that shows that I don't suffer from any respiratory diseases, we have to give the number of the identification card and the plate numbers of the car or the motorcycle that will go with us," he explained. "I think by the end of the week I'll have them all, so I can start training on the roads from next week."

Although he can already start building up his form again for the new season, Chaves remains cautious about what is to come. "It is still very soon to have clear objectives, we have to see the evolution of everything and the things that happen depending on each government," the Colombian affirmed.

"The UCI can set a calendar, but for that calendar to happen it depends on the governments of each country, and that's why everything is still very uncertain. The objective for now is to have a base, so we can start from somewhere when things become clearer."




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