B&B Hotels-Vital Concept announces TDF long-list and leaves Arthur Vichot out
Jun 03 2020 04:14 am CET

B&B Hotels-Vital Concept announces TDF long-list and leaves Arthur Vichot out
B&B Hotels-Vital Concept announces TDF long-list and leaves Arthur Vichot out
Tour de France

B&B Hotels-Vital Concept is the first team to announce a long-list for the Tour de France, from which Arthur Vichot is missing.

The French team will start in La Grande Boucle for the first time in history after receiving a wildcard from the organisation and it is already getting ready for it. The formation announced the 10 riders of its long-list through a virtual press conference, and they will be divided in two groups following the coronavirus protocols, one group will be of the fast men and led by Bryan Coquard, and another will be of the climbers and led by Pierre Rolland.

Sprint group: Bryan Coquard, Frederik Backaert, Jens Debusschere, Cyril Barthe and Kevin Reza.

Climbing group: Pierre Rolland, Cyril Gauthier, Quentin Pacher, Sebastian Schönberger and Maxime Chevalier.

"We will be working with these two groups from June," said Jerome Pineau, manager of B&B Hotels-Vital Concept. "The riders of each group will see very little or not at all the ones of the other group before the Tour, our big objective of the year. So to avoid any risks, if a case is proven, to jeopardize the rest of the season, the team will never be together to avoid the spread of the virus.

"The two groups of the Tour will meet in training on their own at first, to do recon of the stages of the race that are favourable for them, and then they will meet in mid-July for cohesion."

Pineu also confirmed to French newspaper L'Equipe, that Arthur Vichot was excluded from the TDF list because he is suffering from an unknown virus. "Arthur has been hit again by a viral problem," he said. "He has undergone several tests, has had several blood tests and still has to do additional examinations. Unfortunately, the quarantine has pushed back all that.

"Today, he can't consider taking part in a competition. We are still looking the cause of his problems. My first post-confinement trip was to his house, so we could discuss what to do. For the moment, he can't defend our colours in any race."



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