Ella Harris and Tanja Erath to lead Canyon-SRAM in virtual Tour de France
Jun 30 2020 04:34 am CET

Ella Harris and Tanja Erath to lead Canyon-SRAM in virtual Tour de France
Ella Harris and Tanja Erath to lead Canyon-SRAM in virtual Tour de France
Image: Canyon-SRAM logo

Canyon-SRAM will be one of the 16 women's formation that will take part of the virtual Tour de France in the Zwift platform.

The ASO -organiser of the Tour de France- and the cycling virtual platform Zwift have announced a virtual competition that will be held over the month of July, the original time of the year in which the race always happens. With the new dates of the real race in mind -between the 29th of August and the 20th of September- the virtual racing will be held on the weekend between the fourth of July and for three consecutive weekends.

Canyon-SRAM will choose from its full roster the riders to tackle the race, but Ella Harris and Tanja Erath have already a place in it after their strong performances at the team's Zwift racing in May. "The Virtual Tour de France is really exciting as it allows for females to compete under the prestigious 'Tour de France' banner for the first time with all aspects of the event being equal, a huge boost for female cycling when it comes to gathering exposure and momentum for further change in outdoor events also," said Harris.

"I believe it certainly marks a revolutionary next step in the future of sport, allowing for age-old gender barriers to be chipped away and albeit in a virtual form, I think it's very cool that Zwift are helping to take the lead by utilising their platform to provide this opportunity. The one race in professional cycling that even non-cyclists across the globe recognise is the Tour de France, so having the event displayed on such an accessible stage like Zwift can only be beneficial for encouraging participation in the sport and gathering further support, especially in times when many outsiders will be particularly taken with the digital aspect of Zwift."

Erath is also pleased about this competition. "I am really looking forward to the Virtual Tour de France," she explained. "After the awesome experience with the team at Zwift's Tour for All, I can’t wait to start racing again. Furthermore a Tour de France for women, even if so far only virtual, is a step into the right direction for a dream coming true. I am happy to be a part of it and seeing Zwift continue to create stepping stones in cycling and especially for women’s cycling.



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