CCC-Liv to start remainder of the season in Spain
Jul 09 2020 01:15 am CET

CCC-Liv to start remainder of the season in Spain
CCC-Liv to start remainder of the season in Spain
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CCC-Liv is ready to kick off the rest of the 2020 season in Spain, at the Emakumeen Nafarroako Klasikoa, the Klasikoa Navarra and Durango-Durango.

The three 1.1 races will be in charge of kicking off the women's cycling season in 2020 for the second time, after the coronavirus pandemic. The Emakumeen Nafarroako Klasikoa (July 23), the Clasica Femenina Navarra (July 24) and Durango-Durango (July 26) will be opening the rest of the season for the women's peloton.

CCC-Liv has big goals for the remaining of the year. "Although the season is short and compact, our ambitions are no less," said sports director Jeroen Blijlevens. "We strive to be visible and perform well in each race. Everywhere we start, we want to be of significance. For some races, it is difficult to already express a very concrete expectation.

"Take the Giro Rosa, for example: Ashleigh Moolman-Pasio and Marianne Vos are traditionally strong there, but we do not yet know the exact course. And a race like Paris-Roubaix is very specific and new for our peloton. That also remains to be seen. We will at least try to get the most out of it with the experience of performance manager Lars Boom."

Earlier in the year it was known that CCC, Polish company of shoes and bags that sponsors the men's and women's teams, will not back these projects anymore. "The business community has been hit hard all over the place," said CCC-Liv's team manager Eric van den Boom. "The coronavirus has unfortunately also impacted our main sponsor CCC. Every cycling fan may have heard this.

"We have often been asked, quite logically, what our sponsorship situation will look like next year. We want nothing more than to be concrete, but we cannot do it at the moment. We are looking into various scenarios and see that developments are progressing in the right direction. The starting point for all these scenarios is that we can maintain our high level of ambition in the coming years."



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