Chris Froome to join Israel Start-Up Nation in 2021, aims to win 5th Tour de France with Ineos
Jul 09 2020 06:30 pm CET

Chris Froome to join Israel Start-Up Nation in 2021, aims to win 5th Tour de France with Ineos
Chris Froome to join Israel Start-Up Nation in 2021, aims to win 5th Tour de France with Ineos
Photo of Chris Froome by Team Ineos

The move of four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome to Israel Start-Up Nation has been confirmed by all the parties involved.

Despite the rumours pointed out at a mid-season transfer, Froome will join the Israeli team at the end of the season, so the Kenyan-born British rider will still ride the remainder of the season with Ineos. The winner of all-three grand tours joined the British team in 2010, taking a step up to the WorldTour level with them.

"It has been a phenomenal decade with the Team, we have achieved so much together and I will always treasure the memories," said the rider. "I look forward to exciting new challenges as I move into the next phase of my career but in the meantime my focus is on winning a fifth Tour de France with Team Ineos."

Froome will join Israel Start-Up nation at the start of 2021 and the objective is to finish his career there. "This is an historic moment for the team, Israel, Israeli sports, our many fans all around the world and, of course, for me personally – a moment of enormous pride," said the team's co-owner Sylvan Adams.

"Chris is the best rider of his generation and will lead our Tour de France and Grand Tour squad. We hope to make history together as Chris pursues further Tour de France and Grand Tour victories, achievements that would make a serious case for Chris to be considered the greatest cyclist of all time."

The rider welcomes this new stage of his life. "I'm really excited to be joining the Israel Start-Up Nation family," he affirmed. "I look forward to challenging and being challenged by their talent and continuing to strive for the success that I've enjoyed up to now. ISN's impact on the sport is rapidly expanding, and I'm energized to be along for the ride. I feel we can achieve great things together."

The team has one goal in particular in mind and Froome is at the centre of it. "We are committed to building a supportive Grand Tour team around Chris, such that we can make history together, as we compete to be the best, and achieve our principal goal: winning the Tour de France," added Adams.

"I am proud of the road we have travelled, which includes hosting the historic 2018 Giro d'Italia Grande Partenza in Israel, nurturing young Israeli talents, and inspiring a new generation of riders in Israel to take up the sport. With Chris, we will move to new heights at the very top of the sport. I wish to add that I admire Chris not only for his success as a cyclist, but also for how he conducts himself, as a true gentleman, off the bike. Chris will be a great role model for our team."



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