Boels Ladies Tour scraps 2020 edition
Jul 28 2020 02:29 am CET

Boels Ladies Tour scraps 2020 edition
Boels Ladies Tour scraps 2020 edition
Photo by ASO/A.Broadway

The organisation of the Boels Ladies Tour has decided that the next edition of the race will not be held in 2020.

The race of the Benelux countries was initially schedule for August but after the Covid-19 pandemic, it got a new place in the women's WorldTour from the first to the sixth of September. But the organisation of the race has decided to cancel the 2020 edition of the race among coronavirus concerns.

"The main stumbling rock to organising sports events like the Boels Ladies Tour is the emergency regulation that states that the organisation is responsible for the entire area of its event," said Thijs Rondhuis of Courage Events. "For us, that is the entire course over several days. This law is clear and as a result of this, a number of municipalities have announced that they will not grant a permit."

But the organisation is also concerned about the current situation in Europe. "The figures in the Netherlands are also showing a negative tendency," he added. "This will increase the uncertainty in the next four weeks and the financial risks will increase considerably. After all, the measures we should have taken weighed heavily on the profile of our competition.

"With keeping the audience out and having to cancel many of the planned side events, there are not enough arguments for us to go ahead with the race."