Vuelta a Murcia postpones 2021 edition of the race to May
Jan 20 2021 04:48 am CET

Vuelta a Murcia postpones 2021 edition of the race to May
Vuelta a Murcia postpones 2021 edition of the race to May
Photo by ASO/Alex BROADWAY

The organisation of the Vuelta a Murcia has confirmed that the 2021 edition of the race has been postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 2.1 Spanish race was set to be held February 12 and 13 but the rising of the Covid-19 cases in the region and the entire country. The organisation has proposed the weekend of the 21st and the 22nd of May for this edition of the race, which would make it coincide with the Giro d'Italia.

"It is certain that the competition will not be organised in February because it can't be, and we have asked the Council of Professional Cycling for the option of the weekend of Friday 21 and Saturday 22 of May, and we don't expect that it will be refused," said Francisco Guzmán, general director of the Vuelta a Murcia.

The Council will be in charge of doing the request to the Spanish Cycling Federation -RFEC- and Union Cycliste Internationale -UCI. The only problem about this date is that many of the important riders that were set to start if it was in February, will skip it because it will be at the same time as the Giro d'Italia.

"It is inevitable, although the most important for the race organisers is to make it happen and that we don't have to cancel it," added Guzmán. "We want to continue with this event one more year and although it is a shame to modify the plans, it is what we have to do considering that there are more important matters than sport.

"Sixteen WorldTour teams had already confirmed their participacion, and we were set to have one of the most important start lists in the history of the event. Now it will be different, logically, because the Giro will attract many of them, but we didn't have another option. We want all the riders from Murcia to be here though, like Alejandro Valverde, who will be honoured in which will likely be the last year of his career. We also want to count on Luis Leon Sanchez, Ruben Fernandez, Jose Joaquin Rojas and Miguel Ballesteros."