Kasia Niewiadoma: This is the year to win Strade Bianche
Mar 04 2021 12:50 am CET

Kasia Niewiadoma: This is the year to win Strade Bianche
Kasia Niewiadoma: This is the year to win Strade Bianche
Photo of Kasia Niewiadoma (c)Thomas Maheux

Kasia Niewiadoma is set to lead Canyon-SRAM at Strade Bianche to try to improve from past results and achieve glory in the race.

The Polish rider has finishes three times in the second podium position of the race and once in the third place, so she is ready to finally take a step up and win it. These results make her one of the favourites to cross in first place the finish line in the Piazza del Campo of Siena.

"This is the year to win Strade Bianche," said Niewiadoma. "I’ve been targeting this race for so many years. I’ve got a lot of different scenarios in my head of how we can win this race. I want to feel like I’m in an attacking mode.

"I want to gain my confidence knowing I can decide how I want the race to go. As a team we should believe in our abilities more and come to the races thinking how to win the race. We’re here to win Strade Bianche, not to defend attacks from others and survive until the final key moment."

The also known as "Sixth Monument" will be 136 kilometres long and will follow the same route that it has done in the past three years. The course features 31 kilometres of gravel roads that are divided in eight sections.

"It’s hard to have a key moment because it’s very open. If anything, I would say the last hour is key. Once we’ve finished the 9.5 kilometre sector every point, hill, corner and gravel sector then becomes critical. We need to be ready for the non-stop pain in the last hour."

Canyon-SRAM's line-up for Strade Bianche (March 6):

Kasia Niewiadoma
Alena Amialiusik
Hannah Barnes
Elise Chabbey
Tiffany Cromwell
Mikayla Harvey