Jai Hindley, Sergio Higuita and Marco Haller arrive at Bora-hansgrohe in 2022
Aug 05 2021 12:27 am CET

Jai Hindley, Sergio Higuita and Marco Haller arrive at Bora-hansgrohe in 2022
Jai Hindley, Sergio Higuita and Marco Haller arrive at Bora-hansgrohe in 2022

Bora-hansgrohe has announced the signings of Jai Hindley, Sergio Higuita and Marco Haller with a deal of at least three years.

One day after the announcement of the arrival of Sam Bennett, Shane Archbold and Ryan Mullen, the team unveiled a new set of signings. The arrivals of Hindley, Higuita and Haller show the goal of the team of becoming more diverse to adapt to the ways the peloton rides nowadays.

"The signing of Jai, Sergio and Marco is an important step towards adding further depth to our squad," said Team Manager Ralph Denk. "We realise that it's important to continuously broaden ourselves as a team, with races being quite different than they used to be. One has to be able to react flexibly in races. Flexibility is key if one wants to race offensively, and that's what we want to do. Jai will clearly be orienting himself towards the GC with us. He has definitely had a difficult season so far, yet his potential is undisputed. We think that second place in the 2020 Giro is not the end of the journey, and we will continue to work together to bring more consistency to his performances.

"Sergio is a very versatile rider. First and foremost, he'll strengthen the team in difficult one-day races, such as the Ardennes classics. He is a very good climber who is also fast in the sprints. With these skills, he can also go for stage wins in stage races. Marco, on the other hand, brings a lot of experience for his age, having had many different roles, including being a rider in the sprint train, co-leader in the Flemish classics and also being able to lead a team as road captain. It is exactly this versatility that we're aiming to take advantage of. He will play a central role, particularly in the spring, and through his experience, will help lead young riders in the races."

The three riders are looking forward to a next chapter in their careers at Bora-hansgrohe. "I am very excited to be riding for Bora-hansgrohe from next season onwards," affirmed Hindley. "I've been watching the team for a long time and have admired their impressive progression over the past few years. For my next steps as a professional, Bora-hansgrohe is the right team for me, I'm sure of this. My focus will be on stage races, on one-week races and Grand Tours. I can still develop there, and that's what I want to work on with my new team."

"Bora-hansgrohe has a great image in the peloton," explained Higuita. "If you look at the squad, it's a good mix of top performers and young riders, and the team has proven that it's able to develop young talent. That's precisely why I really wanted to join this team. From my point of view, Bora-hansgrohe has everything that I need to fully utilise my potential in the upcoming years. Of course, it will also be a challenge as the first Colombian in a German team, but I quickly came to the realisation that we essentially have the same spirit. Everything is very familiar, and I quite like that."

"I'm of course very happy to be joining a team that is closest to my home country of Austria," added Haller. "I have several friends in the squad and that certainly makes the change easier. Personally, I plan to play a role, particularly in the Classics. This year, that has already worked out well, and I'm aiming to build upon that. But that won't be my only role at Bora-hansgrohe. I'm quite versatile, also in the lead-out and as a helper in Grand Tours, and I'd like to use my experience to help the team on all terrains. These will be exciting years to come, I'm sure."



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