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Mary Cárdenas
I was born and raised in Bogotá, Colombia, a country where cycling talents seem to be everywhere. My first memories of the sport are the epic battles of Luis "Lucho" Herrera and Fabio Parra in European races. With my move to Spain and the possibility of watching a Grand Tour up close, the love for cycling started growing again and now I can combine it with two other passions: writing and photography.

Jonathan Roorda
I've worked in sports coverage since 2001, focusing on a number of sports but mostly on football/soccer and cycling. I first watched cycling in around 1988 but it took some more time to really get into the sport. Although I'm Dutch, I moved to Spain as a minor and have had the fortune of seeing some of the world's biggest cyclists pass through my area during the Vuelta a España. The excitement that comes with this experience, is enough to keep me hooked.

Chad Stephenson
Born and grew up in South Africa, now living in Cape Town. Cycling only started becoming popular in South Africa in the 2000s, I first started watching the Tour de France for the scenery. Understandably I was immediately hooked to the sport. These days, I can't seem to get enough of cycling. I worked on a game reserve in South Africa, taking safaris. While there I had the privilege of doing some cycling on the reserve and had encounters with the big 5 that make me shudder when I think of them!

Marcelo Hernández S.
I’m an Agro-industrial Engineer from Quito, Ecuador, and a huge fan of road cycling since I was thirteen years old. The first race I ever watched was Tour de France 2005 and I immediately fell in love with this sport. I split my time between work in the food industry and follow and comment cycling races. My favorite hobby is to ride my bike so there are no better Sunday plan to me than watch the races on my couch after a few hours of riding outside in the early morning.

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