Geraint Thomas considers Giro-Tour double in 2019
Oct 31 2018 03:59 am CET

Geraint Thomas considers Giro-Tour double in 2019
Geraint Thomas considers Giro-Tour double in 2019
Photo of Geraint Thomas

Geraint Thomas (Team Sky) wants to go back to defend his title at the Tour de France and he also wants to be at the Giro d'Italia.

The winner of the 2018 Tour de France would want to share the leadership of the team with the five-time winner of the race Chris Froome. "The team obviously know I can do it now," he commented to British newspaper The Guardian
. "So I think we’ll be on a level playing field. I’m confident that, as long as we’re honest and open, we can both go for it.

"I’d happily help Froomey if he got through the first block of mountains and he’s strongest. I wouldn’t ride against him to try to win then."

The Welshman also commented on his annoyance about the team's attitude before the team time trial at the Tour de France, when he was informed that he would be left behind if he had a puncture of a crash and that only Froome would be protected. "I was frustrated because I thought I was also a protected rider," Thomas explained.

"But it’s not a decision they took lightly. They would have thought about it and debated it. I said my bit, and they said: ‘No.’ So you have to accept it. The likelihood (of a puncture) is really slim but at the time I thought it’s a shit situation. Yeah, it dragged me down a bit, but you let it go."

But Thomas stated that his relationship with Froome didn't suffer because of the race. "The biggest thing with Froomey was that it was never awkward," he explained. "He would have been gutted because he wanted to win a fifth Tour and three grand tours on the trot. But when he congratulated me he seemed genuine, and since the Tour, we’ve had a couple of nights out."

The Welshman is considering to ride the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in 2019 because he thinks it is possible. "Before this year I would have said no," he affirmed. "Froomey’s done it in previous years and I thought: ‘Wow, he’s special.’ But look at Tom Dumoulin. Maybe it’s possible."



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