Mick van Dijke and Michel Hessmann sign for Jumbo-Visma from development team
Jul 15 2021 11:05 pm CET

Mick van Dijke and Michel Hessmann sign for Jumbo-Visma from development team
Mick van Dijke and Michel Hessmann sign for Jumbo-Visma from development team
Team Jumbo-Visma

Jumbo-Visma has announced that U23 riders Mick van Dijke and Michel Hessmann will join the professional team in 2022.

The Dutch and the German riders have been part of the Development team, and although they will be part of the pro team since next year, they will take part on selected races being part of a roster that will mix men from the development and the professional formation.

"Mick and Michel have signed a three-year pro contract, whereby they will spend a lot of time with the development team next year," said Sports Director Merijn Zeeman. "In terms of coaching, but also in terms of races in a combined team. In 2022, they are already on the list of the World Tour team, but from 2023 they will definitely move to the main team. We choose this construction because like this we offer talents an environment in which they are challenged in a certain way to become better.

"Thanks to the coaches of the development team, there is a high through-flow from our development team. This step again increases the inspiration and the quality of the U23 team. Mick and Michel have shown that they have the potential to grow. This is the next step for them."

Van Dijke took the title at the Dutch time trial in the U23 category earlier in the year, and he has a background in mountain bike. "I had not dared to dream of becoming a professional cyclist," the Dutchman commented. "Fortunately, I managed to convince the team of my capabilities. They saw something in me and that's what the team focused on. Together with the team I worked very hard and this resulted in a pro contract.

"I am very happy and proud of that. I have only been serious about road cycling for a year and a half. That is why I think it is very good for me to be guided by the development team next year. I don't want to skip a step in my development. This seems to be the best way for me to grow."

The German is the U23 time trial champion. "I am really very happy," said Hessmann. "It is like a dream to become a professional cyclist. I know that I am developing well. My contract extension with the development team for next year was also a confirmation of that. Now I am signing my first pro contract, and in the coming year I will spend a lot of time with the U23 team. After that I will make the step to the bigger races to see what I am good at. I want to keep developing myself and find out how far I can get as a professional cyclist. For that, I am in the right place at Team Jumbo-Visma."




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